Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Equityworld Futures : Strengthening Rupiah Monday Only Up On 13400 Range

Equityworld Futures-The rupiah to trade foreign exchange market earlier in the week (21/11) in the spot market opened lower and positive move up the afternoon session, continued strong until the European session this afternoon. Rupiah moving all day consolidation with the strength of a thin and weak restricted BI reference rate thus monitored rose modestly against the US dollar.

The rupiah conditions are less able to withstand the amount of foreign capital out of the stock exceeds the influx of foreign net sell so that it prints at Rp143 billion. Selling pressure by foreign investors helped push the stock index are being hit 0.4%.

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Rupiah exchange rate movements in the spot market this afternoon still moving positively to strengthening the position of 0.13% from the previous trading and is now moving in the range Rp13410 / US $ after opening strong at the level Rp13436 / US $. For Jisdor exchange rate and interbank transaction rate set by Bank Indonesia today weakened from the previous trading.

Jisdor exchange rate set by Bank Indonesia weaker at 13 438 from the previous trading at 13408, thus inter-bank transaction rate also weakened to 13505 from 13475 the previous trading.

And to the movement of the rupiah exchange rate expected to be opened tomorrow trading positively by the weak US dollar movement against many of its rivals to the American trading session ends tomorrow.


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