Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Cooperation in the Field of Technology Between Indonesia And Government Donald Trump

Equity World, Jakarta - The United States Government ensure wish to establish closer cooperation again in the field of technology with Indonesia.

It was delivered directly United States Ambassador to Indonesia Joseph R. Donovan Jr. after meeting with the Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara.

He said this became his first meeting with the Minister of Communication, because he just served as the US Ambassador. As for the discussion include trade and investment, particularly in technology.

"I am very interested in cooperation with the Government of Indonesia and the United States. Moreover, when Indonesia imposed a new policy in the field of innovation and technology," Donovan said when met at the Office of Communications and Information Technology, on Monday evening (01/30/2017).

Related to Apple about investing in Indonesia, Donovan welcomed. According inj be a good solution so that Apple can sell back his cell phone in Indonesia.

"It's a bad situation for both parties. I am very enthusiastic about the development of Apple research here," he concluded.

To note Donovan was sworn in as US Ambassador to Indonesia on 4 November 2016 replacing Robert Blake. He presented his credentials to President Joko Widodo in January 2017.

Before being appointed as Ambassador, Donovan was the Director of a major part of Washington to the American Institute in Taiwan. He also worked as Foreign Policy Advisor to Leader of the Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon (2012-2014).

He also served as Associate Professor (Associate Professor) at the National Defense University in Washington DC (2011-2012), Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and the Pacific, the US State Department (2009-2011).

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Monday, January 30, 2017

Oil Prices Decline After European markets close Friday Yesterday

PT Equityworld - Oil prices fell on Friday, paring gains made the previous day, as investors turned their attention to the increase in production in the US and away from the commitment of OPEC and other producers to limit global oversupply.

Brent crude traded at around $ 55.01 per barrel shortly after European markets closed on Friday, down 2.17 percent, while US crude was around $ 52.71 per barrel, down 2.01 percent.

In addition to seeing some of the corporate earnings, investors also focused on Washington where Prime Minister U.K. Theresa May met US President Donald Trump. May said on Thursday that it called for strengthening the "special relationship" with the US.

Two other world leaders meet this Friday. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany welcomed French President Francois Hollande in Berlin to discuss the future of the European Union.

Data released Friday showed loans to companies and households to move higher in the euro zone at the end of last year.

This afternoon will be released Data Business and Consumer Confidence, as well Services, Economic and Industrial Sentiment January Eurozone are expected to rise.

the analysis estimates that the European market will be a positive move if realized positive economic data. Will also look at the issuer's earnings report, Wall Street and the movement of crude oil prices.

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Antam Gold Prices Down 3,000 Rupiah per gram

Equity World, Jakarta - The price of gold PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (Antam) slumped Rp 3,000 per gram to Rp 587 thousand per gram on Thursday (01/26/2017). Yesterday Antam sell gold at a price of Rp 590 thousand per gram.Harga repurchase or buyback also fell Rp 3,000 to Rp 514 thousand per gram. That is, if you sell the gold you have, Antam will pay Rp 514 thousand per gram.Harga sale and repurchase is the benchmark price in gold boutique Precious Metals Antam Pulogadung, Jakarta. While the price of gold in boutiques other precious metals can berbeda.Pembayaran buyback with a volume over 1 kilogram (kg) will be a maximum of two days after the transaction by reference to the buyback price of the transaction.

Antam's supply of gold the size of 1 gram to 500 grams. Up at 8:19 pm, most of Antam's gold sizes available. Only the size of 3 grams and 250 grams are not available.

Antam also sell gold with batik patterns. For the price of gold batik with a size of 10 grams, Antam sold at the rate of Rp 5.98 million or Rp 598 thousand per gram. However, the size of 10 grams are sold out.

As for the size of 20 grams, Antam sold at the price of Rp 11.565 million or USD 578 250 per gram. For this size is still available to both the complexion Sido Mukti, Mega Overcast, nor Parang Barong.

Besides gold batik, Antam also issued gold bullion with thematic packaging. This time Antam issued bullion packaging Eid.

For the size of 1 gram is sold at the price of Rp 662,000. Size 2 grams sold USD 1.209 million and 5 grams sold Rp 2.865 million. However, the whole size of Antam's gold Eid edition has been sold.

Here's a list price of gold were sold Antam:

* Fractions 1 gram Rp 587.000
* Fractions 5 gram Rp 2.790.000
* Fractions 10 gram Rp 5.530.000
* Fractions 25 gram Rp 13.750.000
* Fractions 50 gram Rp 27.450.000
* Fractions 100 gram Rp 54.850.000
* Fractions 250 gram Rp 137.000.000
* Fractions 500 gram Rp 273.800.000

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Donald Trump US policy Out Of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

PT Equityworld, Jakarta President of the United States (US) Donald Trump will apply trade protection. One of the policies of that, Trump decided the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Seeing the possibility that the planned US government, Bank Indonesia believes there needs to be some anticipation that made Indonesia and other countries. One that does is increase trade between countries in Asia. Because Trump policy can reduce the volume of trade between countries in the world.

"It should be forward (increase) of intraregional trade. If the US did protectionist fairly tight, which means that in the Asian region is accordingly needs to be improved intraregional trade," said Head of the Department of Economic Policy and Monetary Bank Indonesia (BI) Juda Agung at the Bank Indonesia on Wednesday (01/25/2017).

Only, Juda estimate planned policies that Trump will not run smoothly. At least there are some things that must be built in the US state itself.

Although the US is a developed country, some of the raw material are not all coming from within the country. This was the point which will be considered by Donald Trump.

Therefore, Juda saw markets in the world, it is still wait and see. "The policy as to what the market is still waiting for concrete to be like. Because of course, it also has fiscal eg boundaries, limits the deficit, limit the percentage of public debt. Then also from the trading side of course this would be the reaction to the growth of the American economy States, "he said.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Crude Oil Prices Rise After Oil Producers Reduce Production

Equityworld Futures, Jakarta lebh Oil prices rose higher on Tuesday, supported by daily inventory data that showed there was a decline in production.

The decline in production occurred after agreement is obtained between oil exporting countries OPEC and non-OPEC countries.

Launch CNBC, US oil prices rose 43 cents or 0.8 percent to US $ 53.18 per barrel. While the price of world oil benchmark, Brent also rose 17 percent to US $ 55.40 per barrel.

Ministers of OPEC and major producers outside OPEC said on Sunday that nearly 1.8 million barrels per day of production they agreed to cut, trimmed.

"The oil market re-excited by light volume, with key support from production cuts in January from OPEC and non-OPEC," said Tim Evans, analyst at Citi Futures Energy Specialist.

Iraqi Oil Minister mengarakan on Monday that most of the oil companies working in the region to participate in the production cuts agreed by OPEC.

However, this pruning collided with the increase in US production when prices rise. US oil wells add some refineries in the last 4 years, data from Baker Hughes.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Apakan Rokok Elektrik Aman Bagi Paru-paru ? Ini Kata Dokter !!

Rokok elektronik atau rokok elektrik menjadi fenomena baru di masyarakat Indonesia. Banyak yang beralih ke asap rokok listrik karena mereka berpikir seperti cara ini lebih aman dan trendi, tanpa mengurangi kenikmatan merokok tembakau itu sendiri. Pertanyaannya adalah apakah e-rokok yang aman?

Menurut Craig Youngblood, presiden rokok elektrik pembuat InLife perusahaan, produk buatan sendiri lebih aman daripada rokok tembakau. Dia juga menyatakan rokok listrik bebas polusi dan tidak berbau karena untuk melepaskan uap, tidak merokok.

Apakah e-rokok yang aman - Kata Dokter

Namun, Norman Edelman, kepala medis dari American Lung Association mengatakan bahwa pernyataan bahwa e-rokok yang lebih aman tidak cukup valid untuk efek jangka panjang dari e-rokok belum teruji secara klinis.

Gold Prices Rise Top 2 Months Related Demand Haven, Weakening Dollar : EQUITY WORLD

Para peneliti di University of South California menemukan bahwa meskipun e-rokok mengandung beberapa logam beracun lebih tinggi dari rokok biasa, e-rokok secara keseluruhan adalah pilihan yang lebih aman.

Kebanyakan lembaga internasional dan nasional berpartisipasi dalam memberikan umpan balik tentang keamanan dan peredaran rokok elektrik.

Organisasi Kesehatan Dunia (WHO)

WHO merilis sebuah laporan dengan saran untuk tidak menggunakan e-rokok di dalam ruangan karena produk ini dapat mengeluarkan racun seperti rokok biasa. Meskipun tidak memancarkan asap, uap rokok elektrik yang mengandung bahan kimia berbahaya juga dapat menyebabkan polusi udara. WHO juga merekomendasikan untuk tidak menjual e-rokok kepada orang di bawah usia 18 tahun.

Pengawasan Obat dan Makanan Badan (BPOM)

Demikian pula, di Indonesia, Badan Pengawasan Obat dan Makanan (BPOM) telah memperingatkan masyarakat bahwa rokok listrik di pasar adalah ilegal dan keamanan produk yang belum terbukti. Menurut BPOM, e-rokok yang mengandung nikotin cair dan pelarut propilen glikol, dieter glikol dan gliserin. Jika semua bahan dipanaskan akan menghasilkan senyawa nitrosamine. Senyawa dapat menyebabkan kanker.

Apa pun Rokok Kandungan Listrik?

rokok elektrik atau juga disebut sistem pengiriman nikotin sebagai elektronik (ENDS) adalah vaporizer bertenaga baterai yang dapat menyebabkan sensasi seperti merokok tembakau. Itu tidak terlihat menyerupai rokok dan beberapa dirancang berbeda. rokok elektrik pertama kali dipatenkan oleh apoteker Cina Hon Lik pada tahun 2003. Kemudian dipasarkan di China pada tahun 2004 melalui perusahaan Golden Dragon Holdings (sekarang disebut Ruyan).

Di dalamnya ada sebuah tabung rokok elektrik yang berisi larutan cair yang dapat diisi ulang. Solusi ini mengandung nikotin, propilen glikol, gliserin, dan perasa. Solusi ini dipanaskan, maka uap akan muncul asap. Beberapa perusahaan menjual perasa cair tertentu. Di antara perasa lainnya mentol / mint, karamel, buah, kopi, atau cokelat.

Nikotin adalah zat yang ditemukan dalam daun tembakau. Nikotin berfungsi sebagai stimulan dan efek candu. Itulah sebabnya banyak perokok sulit untuk berhenti merokok.

propilen glikol

Propylene glycol adalah senyawa organik cair yang tidak berbau dan tidak berwarna, tetapi memiliki rasa sedikit manis. Pengawas Authority FDA atau Food and Drug Amerika Serikat telah menyatakan bahwa senyawa ini aman jika digunakan dalam konsentrasi rendah.


Gliserin adalah cairan kental tidak berbau dan tidak berwarna. Zat-zat ini sering digunakan dalam formulasi campuran farmasi. Cairan manis yang dianggap non-toxic sering juga digunakan oleh industri makanan. Gliserin berfungsi sebagai pengantar penggunaan rasa dan nikotin dalam rokok elektronik.
Sampai saat ini, rokok elektrik status keamanan terutama efek jangka panjang masih diperdebatkan karena klaim dari produsen belum terbukti sepenuhnya. Beberapa studi telah menemukan bahwa rokok listrik dapat memicu peradangan dalam tubuh, infeksi paru-paru dan meningkatkan risiko asma, stroke dan penyakit jantung. Langkah terbaik yang dapat Anda ambil adalah untuk menghindari hal-hal yang belum diverifikasi. Akan lebih baik jika kita bisa benar-benar tergantung pada nikotin dan zat apapun.


Dok saya cuman ingin berbagi pengalaman ttg rokok elektrik/vapor. Seminggu ini saya tdk merokok tembakau, karena sdh digantikan dg rokok elektrik. banyak sisi positifnya, badan tdk bau, tidak ada sampah rokok dan flek pada gigi saya berkurang serta badan saya tambah melar. saya menggunakan cairan yg 0mg nikotin. Bahkan pemakaian vapor ini ga sesering merokok tembakau. saya sgt sesalkan apabila pemerintah ingin menghilangkan rokok jenis ini (vapor), hrs nya rokok tembakau yg dihilangkan. Dgn vapor spt nya upaya sy untuk berhenti merokok sgt tinggi..

Hello, Apresiasi atas keberhasilan Anda dapat berhenti dari rokok tembakau, dan terima kasih atas masukannya dan atas pengalamannya yang berharga kepada komunitas Indonesia. Namun, penggunaan rokok elektrik tetap harus dipergunakan secara hati-hati. Rokok elektrik telah diteliti keamanannya oleh asosiasi paru-paru di Amerika dan hasilnya belum dinyatakan 100 % aman, karena masih dapat berpotensi menyebabkan penyakit kanker, radang paru-paru, asma dan penyakit jantung akibat zat-zat kimia yang dikandungnya. Oleh karena itu WHO dan BPOM masih menunggu penelitian lebih lanjut untuk keamanan penggunaan rokok elektrik dalam jangka panjang.

 Tetapi sebuah pencapaian besar yang telah Anda peroleh saat ini untuk dapat berhenti dari penggunaan rokok tembakau. Kesuksesan yang besar bermula pada  langkah yang kecil. Semoga sukses selalu, dr Henry Andrean

Monday, January 23, 2017

World Oil Prices Rise Thin 2% After meeting Petroleum Producers

PT Equityworld - Crude oil prices rose about 2 percent in late trading weekend early Saturday (21/01) supported expectations that the weekend meeting of the world's major oil producers will demonstrate adherence to the agreement decline in global production.

US crude oil futures price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) closed up $ 1.05, or 2 percent, at $ 52.42 per barrel.

Crude oil prices nerjangka international benchmark Brent rose $ 1.34, or 2.5 percent, at $ 55.50 a barrel at 14:33 ET (1933 GMT).

A weekend meeting in Vienna of the members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and some producers outside the group, including Russia, will establish a mechanism for verifying compliance with the manufacturer to run a deal to reduce production by 1.8 million barrels per day (bpd), OPEC secretary general says told Reuters.

Saudi Arabia's Minister of Energy said that 1.5 million barrels per day has been taken out of the market, adding to signs that the oil market is balanced.

Oil prices could reduce profit after the oilfield services company Baker Hughes reported weekly count of oil refineries operating in the United States increased by 29-551, compared with 522 at this time last year.

Swelling pasoka in the US and rising oil shale production could threaten rebalancing the market, analysts said.

US crude inventories rose unexpectedly last week as refineries memprelambat production, while gasoline inventories surged amid weak demand, the Energy Information Administration said on Thursday.

Crude inventories jumped 2.3 million barrels in the week to January 13, while the increase in gasoline much larger than expected, especially in the US East Coast where inventories swelled to their highest level on record for the year.

The market also examined data on the number of US refineries as an increase in exploration drilling and wells more efficiently and increase the production of oil.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

World Oil Prices Rise After Action From International Energy Agency

Equityworld Futures - Oil prices edged higher in late trade on Friday morning (20/01), after the International Energy Agency said the oil market has tightened even before the agreed cuts by OPEC and other producers began to take effect. But the rise in bearish sentiment limited swelling US crude inventories.

US crude oil futures prices West Texas Intermediate closed up 29 cents or 0.6 percent at $ 51.37 a barrel, after falling to a one-week low on Wednesday at $ 50.91 per barrel.

Crude futures international benchmark Brent rose 34 cents, or 0.6 percent, to $ 54.26 a barrel at 14:33 ET (1933 GMT), after closing down 2.8 percent in the previous session.

The IEA said that while it is too soon to measure the OPEC member compliance with promised cuts and commercial oil inventories in developed countries fell for the fourth consecutive month in November, with another decline projected for December.

Crude oil prices fell to session lows after data Energy Information Administration (EIA) showed US crude inventories rose unexpectedly last week as refineries cut production sharply.

Commercial crude oil inventories rose 2.3 million barrels in the week to 13 January to 485.5 million barrels, well above expectations for a decline 342,000 barrels.

The data also showed a much bigger-than-expected increase in gasoline inventories and a surprise decline in distillate inventories. Gasoline inventories in the US East Coast swell to a record high weekly rate for the current yearly basis, when refiners typically begin saving a barrel ahead of the summer driving season.

Oil prices have spiraled this year as the market's focus has swung from expectations that the excess can be overcome by production cuts announced by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and other producers to concerns that the rebound in US shale production could swamp any such derogation.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Gold Price Decline Action Wait From Janet Yellen

Equity World - Gold prices fell in late trading on Thursday morning (19/01) of the increase tertitnggi eight weeks earlier because of rising consumer prices to 2.5-year highs mengangkatkan US dollar and US Treasury yields.

But the movement was muted as the market awaited a speech by Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen, who will be closely watched for clues on US monetary policy.

Spot gold prices fell 0.45 percent at $ 1,211.00 per ounce, while gold futures for February delivery was 0.2 percent lower at $ 1,210.5

Gold reached its highest since mid-November, on Tuesday, after falling in the wake of the victory in the US elections Donald Trump as his promise to cut taxes and increase spending sparked a rally in Treasury yields and buying cyclical assets.

The Labor Department said on Wednesday its Consumer Price Index rose 0.3 percent last month and 2.1 percent in the 12 months to December, the biggest increase year-on-year since June 2014.

However, Trump Policy uncertainty ahead of the inauguration on Friday to maintain the support of this precious metal.

Reports protectionist policies and a lack of detail has led some investors to choose gold, often considered as a hedge against the uncertainty in the broader market, due to post-election shift.

Silver rose 0.5 percent to $ 17.24 per ounce, while platinum was 1.17 percent lower at $ 971.60 per ounce and palladium fell 0.04 percent at $ 747.20.

Analyst Vibiz Research Center estimates that the price of gold for the next potential trading weak with the strengthening US dollar. The gold price is expected to move in the range of $ 1,209- $ 1.207 Support, but if the price rises will move in the range of $ 1,213- $ 1.215 Resistance.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Imbas Transisi Trump dan US Dollar oleh Gary Wagner

Hitung mundur terus, karena sekarang hanya tiga hari tetap sampai Donald Trump menjadi 45 Presiden Amerika Serikat.

Meskipun ada tetap menjadi banyak ketidakpastian tentang apa yang akan mencapai pemerintahan baru ini, gaya kepemimpinan truf "tangan di atas" mulai muncul. Kita sedang menyaksikan metodologi unik bahkan sebelum ia mengambil sumpah jabatan.

Bagaimana Trump pemandangan US Dollar kekuatan dalam sebuah wawancara dengan the Wall Street Journal, Trump mengatakan bahwa dolar AS, "terlalu kuat." "Perusahaan kami tidak dapat bersaing dengan mereka [perusahaan Cina] sekarang karena mata uang kami terlalu kuat.


"Dan itu adalah membunuh kita." Pada saat yang sama, kami juga merupakan awal untuk melihat penasihatnya senior maju nya pesan dan ideologi.

Anthony Scaramucci, yang akan menjadi penasihat senior Gedung Putih dalam tiga hari, berbicara di Forum ekonomi dunia hari ini dan memperingatkan tentang kelemahan dari US dollar lebih kuat.

Menurut Reuters, katanya itu bisa membuatnya sulit untuk Presiden-Elect untuk memberikan pada janji revitalisasi ekonomi US.

"Kita perlu hati-hati tentang meningkatnya mata uang, tidak hanya karena apa yang terjadi di dunia internasional tapi akan memiliki dampak internal ke Amerika Serikat juga.

" Setahun untuk emas untuk Shine sebagai kita dolar tetes sejak Januari 3, pedagang telah menyaksikan kira-kira 3% penurunan nilai Dollar indeks. Pada saat yang sama, kita telah melihat harga emas meningkat secara dramatis, bergerak dari sekitar $1143 pada awal Januari ke $1215 per ons saat ini.

Kita tentu saja mulai untuk melihat perubahan besar dari bearish sentimen bullish pasar dalam hal harga emas. Lebih kelanjutan dolar kelemahan akan memberikan tailwind lama dibutuhkan.

Ini akan menjadi perbedaan utama dari peningkatan indeks dolar kita dramatis tahun lalu, dan pasti bisa menambah momentum ke atas saat ini kita sedang menyaksikan harga emas.

Bagi mereka yang ingin memperdalam analisis, saya mengundang Anda sign up untuk percobaan gratis dari newsletter video harian, "Perkiraan emas." Hanya menggunakan link di bagian bawah laporan ini untuk mendaftar. Berharap Anda seperti biasa, baik perdagangan,

Gary Wagner
Thegoldforecast.com | PT Equityworld

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Priyanka Chopra was rushed to the hospital An accident While Filming

Priyanka Chopra has just experienced ominously at the Quantico shooting series appearances. In this crime drama series, Priyanka Chopra had an accident and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Offered from ET Online, Monday (16/1/2016), Priyanka Chopra Middle doing a dangerous scene when he slipped and fell. That wretched, when his head hit the floor fell in. As a result, he suffered a mild head injury. He was rushed to the hospital and got the doctor's handling.

Lucky, the injuries experienced by Priyanka Chopra is not too serious. A day later he was allowed to go home and be cared for at home. Priyanka Chopra's representative also called 34 this year-old actress will soon be back filming.

Equityworld Futures | Gold Prices Touched Highest Level, Nikkei Opened Negative January 17

"He is resting comfortably at home on the orders of doctors and would soon be back filming after the end of this week." Priyanka Chopa. Priyanka Chopra himself was also instantly soothe fans who are worried by the situation.

He uploading a tweet about the condition of his health. "Thank you for your warm greetings and hope you all. I'll be just fine, and can hardly wait to get back to work as soon as possible, "wrote Priyanka Chopra.

Monday, January 16, 2017

EQUITY WORLD | La La Land TWO BIG at the Box Office

PT Equityworld Futures - Last weekend became a shining moment for ' La La Land '.

After a dominating victory at the Golden Globes, musical drama starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling also went into the ranks of the tops box office. ' La La Land ' of sitting at number two.

The rating indicates the rising of earned income. ' La La Land ' reach $14.5 million from its run in theaters in North America rose about 43 percent from the previous weeks. The first stage box office itself was occupied by the ' Hidden ' Figures. A biographical drama starring Taraji p.

PHOTO EQUITY WORLD | La La Land ' two big at the Box Office

Henson successfully earned $22.8 million. But ' La La Land ' targeted gain about $3 million at the beginning of this week. So that ' La La Land ' will go beyond the achievement of a remake of the musical ' Annie ' in the list of the most popular movie musical of all time.

There are animated Illumination/Universal which are behind the film ' Sing ' in the third position. Involving Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, also ' Sing ' pocketed revenue at the end of last week to $13.8 million.

While it's ' Star Wars: Rogue ' being in the order of One to four. This series is in the ranks of the box office for the past week.

From its run in theaters in the area of North America, last week's ' the One ' Rogue managed to earn income to $13.76 million.

And five box office closed the horror of ' The Man ' Bye Bye. The film won up to $13.4 million and becoming a movie that managed to enter the top five when it was released at the weekend.

EQUITY WORLD : The following list of box office more information.

1. Hidden Figures 2. La La Land 3. Sing 4. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 5. The Bye Bye Man 6. Patriots Day 7. Monster Trucks 8. Sleepless 9. Underworld: Blood Wars 10. Passengers

Friday, January 13, 2017

US Dollar Weakens After Donald Trump Perform His First Press Conference

PT Equityworld, New York - This morning the dollar weakened to USD 13 285 was recorded, from yesterday afternoon at USD 13 328. The weakening US dollar is considered as US President-elect Donald Trump. Why?

As reported by Reuters on Thursday (12/01/2017), Trump did his first press conference yesterday. But in the press conference, Trump did not explain in detail about his promise to boost the government's budget and cut taxes.

Trump who will be inaugurated as president on January 20, 2017 did not specify policies to encourage economic growth.

Instead, Trump discuss the pharmaceutical industry and the US intelligence services, which he called a Nazi for spreading rumors that Trump coalition with Russia to win against Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

Because the press conference were rated unsatisfactory, the exchange rate of US dollar against the yen down. The dollar fell to 114.245 yen, this is the lowest level since 9 November 2016 ago.

"There 'God Trump' and 'Bad Trump in the market. Will' Good Trump 'back before the inauguration?" Analysts said Ayako Sera, quoted by Reuters.

The dollar index, which is an index of the dollar to six major currencies, fell 0.1% to 101.65. On Wednesday, the index rose as Trump will conduct a press conference.

The dollar index last week climbed to its highest level since 2002, because Trump promised to boost the government's budget and cut taxes.

Trump plan aims to boost economic growth and inflation, as well as accelerate the benchmark interest rate hikes by the US central bank, the Federal Reserve or the Fed.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

The impact of Wall Street Gains From Donald Trump Statement

Equityworld Futures, New York - US stocks (US) or Wall Street rose after the impact of the volatile movement of the US president Donald Trump statement about drug prices.

At the close of trading on Wednesday (Thursday morning GMT), the Dow Jones stock index rose 96.32 points or 0.49 percent to a level of 19 951. Stock index S & P 500 rose 6.29 points or 0.28 percent at 2,275. Nasdaq stock index climbed 11.83 points or 0.21 percent at 5,563. Stock index measuring investor anxiety or VIX rose 6.4 percent.

Donald Trump presidential statement could make the stock index Nasdaq depressed. Investors tend to sell shares after the drug Donald Trump said pharmaceutical companies have set the price of expensive drugs. It also encourages it plans to import drugs murah.Donald Trump deliver it at the first press conference since 8 November 2016 election.

Health stock sector index S & P 500 fell 1.9 percent. Pressure on the stock index was the worst since Nov. 22. Then the Nasdaq biotech stock index also fell 3.1 percent.

"When someone in power to say something negative, make people not want to invest in it so that the view of the sector does not become attractive for investment. It makes them withdraw their money," said Brad Loncar, Manager Loncar Cancer Immunotherapy, as quoted from Reuters on Thursday ( 01.12.2017).

Stocks that are depressed include Lockheed Martin fell 0.55 percent after Donald Trump sebuat program F-35 fighter jet is a program that has a very large budget and schedule yet.

"Trump is difficult for businesses that take advantage of the US, among others, health, automotive, and pharmaceutical exporters. The market seemed to be familiar with the headlines in the White House," said analyst Brian Battle Analytics Performance Trust.

Five of the 11 sectors of the stock in the S & P stock index tend to be depressed. However, the rise in energy stocks sector limit the decline in benchmark stock indexes in wall street.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wall Street Stocks Rise DI Triggered By Technology

US stocks closed higher after reaching an all-time on Saturday morning led by the technology sector. Dow Jones rose 0.32% at 19,963.80 with the highest increase in stock Nike, SP500 rose 0.35% to 2276.98 with nine information technology sector led the sector higher and the Nasdaq rose 0.60% to 5,521.06.

Trade Asian stocks opened higher this morning the influence of Wall Street. For the Japanese market holiday commemorating the arrival of the New Century and the winter holidays, the ASX 200 rose 0.64% to 5792.70 and the Kospi rose 0.01% to 2049.40.

Of the commodity markets, gold prices slipped 0.7% to $ 1,171.80 per troy ounce in late trading the weekend on Saturday morning (07/01) hampered by the strengthening US dollar. Crude oil prices traded higher 0.43% to USD 53.32 per barrel in late trading the weekend on Saturday morning (07/01) supported investors bought ahead of the weekend, but gains were limited by the strength of the US dollar, also doubts whether all OPEC producers will reduce production in line with the agreement.

Of the foreign exchange market, the US dollar strengthened after the increase in wage US jobs in December. EURUSD fell 0.68% to a level of 1.05290. GBPUSD fell 1.08% to a level of 1.22790. USDJPY rose 1.38% to a level of 116 933

Of the Indonesian capital market, the Composite Stock Price Index on Friday (6/1) rose 0.4% to 5347.02 position, JCI encouraged investors buying shares. Negative sentiment came from the weakening rupiah US dollar rebounded strongly after the weekend. In addition many leading stocks of high value and prone to profit taking. But correction still dbatasi by strengthening crude oil prices will sustain mining and agro sector. Today, JCI is expected to be in the range of support 5265-5297 and 5369-5395 resistance range. Stocks that are interesting to observe this day: AALI, BBCA, JSMR and WSKT.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

U.S. stock exchanges closed mixed at the end of trading Tuesday (10 January 2017) | PT Equityworld

PT Equityworld estimates the stock will move up Wall Street with a positive u.s. economic data. But will also be observing the movement of crude oil prices and the development of global exchanges.

 U.S. Stock Exchanges PT Equityworld

U.S. stock exchanges closed mixed at the end of trading Tuesday, Wednesday (10/01), the affected anjloknya crude oil price and investor wariness ahead of the earnings reporting issuers. U.S. crude oil prices plummeted 3.76 per cent to end at $51.96 a barrel, on fears of U.S. production.

The Nasdaq Index rose 0.19% and reached new record highs, with the iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology (IBB) ETF and the Apple stock rose about 1 percent. Leading the IBB higher Ariad Pharmaceuticals, which have surged more than 75 percent after announcing taken over by Takeda Pharmaceutical company, a leading Japan.

PT Equityworld : Gold is highly sensitive to U.S. interest rate hikes

The Dow Jones index down about 75 points, with Goldman Sachs shares contributed the most in the loss. Index of S P 500 skidded around & 0.4 percent, with energy and utilities sector fell more than 1 percent.

The three main indexes posted a new record intraday highs on Friday, with the Dow near towards the psychological mark of 20,000. Financial giants Bank of America, BlackRock and JPMorgan Chase is one of the companies scheduled to report earnings this week.

The financial sector has registered a sharp rally since the US election victory of Donald Trump, up 17.9 percent since November 8, at the close Friday. No major economic data on Monday.

However, Atlanta Federal Reserve President Dennis Lockhart said in a speech that the central bank should step down, because of the economic crisis "mostly done." Lockhart will retire from his post in February.

Separately, the Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren said the U.S. central bank should increase the pace of interest rate increases from the pattern once a year it has been pursued since the year 2015, warning of the risk of inflation if not done. "I hope that the right monetary policy would need to normalize more quickly than last year," Rosengren said in prepared remarks.

The U.S. dollar index, which measures the greenback's performance against six other currencies, traded 0.26 percent lower. U.S. Treasury climbed on Monday, with the yield two-year bonds slipped to 1.19 percent bond yields and 10-year fell to 2.376 percent. The Dow Jones index was down 76.42 points, or 0.38 percent, to close at 7, 887.38, with the decline of the highest shares of ExxonMobil stock and Merck rose.

Index of S P 500 skidded & 8.08 points, or 2 percent, to 0.35, 268.90, with the energy sector led the eight lower sector and health care sector rose the highest. The Nasdaq Index rose 10.76 0.19 points, or percent, to close at 5537.

The night will be released economic data NFIB Business Optimism Index for December, JOLTs Job Openings November Wholesale Inventories MoM November, all of which indicated increased.


Monday, January 9, 2017

Equityworld Futures Gold, Market Awaits FED Rate Hike Related Indications

Equityworld Futures - The price of gold in the Asian session Monday (09/01) this observed increase is thin, but tend to be flat after descending from the highest level of the month, in line with expectations of further interest rate hikes. When this news was revealed, the pair XAU/USD traded at price levels 1.176 u.s. dollars.

In addition, the price of gold bullion is certified in a precious metal belonging to PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (Antam) fall in the level of Rp 542.000 from previously Rp 586.000.

Gold Increases thin, the market Awaits FED Rate Hike Related Indication, meanwhile, on the New York Mercantile Comex Exchange, the price of gold futures for February delivery rose 0.32 percent to as low as the price of 1.176 U.s. dollars per troy ounce.

While the price of silver futures for March delivery was at price levels at 19 U.s. dollars per troy ounce, down 0.05 percent of thin; and the price of copper futures for delivery in March traded down to 2,543 u.s. dollars per pound.

EQUITYWORLD FUTURES : Shanghai index January 9, moving up Supported Optimism economic growth

During Friday's trading session last week, gold prices SAG from high levels a month in line with the US dollar again strengthened against other major currencies. However, the price of the yellow metal has been a weekly increase of 1.97 percent, the best performance for two months because of weakening U.s. dollar fueled by some time ago.

The market is Awaiting a statement from some of the top brass of The Fed during the week yesterday, the price of gold was able to rise to the highest level of the month, in line with the decline in the US dollar, the strongest level of one decade.

The fall U.S. dollars is fueled by doubts most investors against u.s. economic growth under the leadership of Us President, Donald Trump. However, gold prices later retreated from the high level because it is influenced by the statements of Netanyahu's President the Fed Chicago, Charles Evans.

Evans claimed that the US central bank will likely decide to raise its interest rates three times in the year 2017, more quickly than ekspektasinya few months ago. As for this week, investors will be waiting for the speeches and statements of officials of the Fed to know indications and certain related signal of certainty as to when the Fed will again raise interest rates.

The Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren, President of the Atlanta Fed, Dennis Lockhart is scheduled to deliver his speech later tonight. In addition, investors will also be looking forward to a series of speeches from three members of the FOMC such as Charles Evans, Patrick Harker on Thursday and the Chairman of the Fed, Janet Yellen on Friday. Equityworld Futures

Friday, January 6, 2017

EQUITY WORLD : Saudi Arabia raised the price of oil for February 2017 sale to Asia

EQUITY WORLD - Saudi Arabia raised the price of oil for February 2017 sale to Asia. This is in line with the world's largest oil producers that prepare to trim production to ward off global oil oversupply.

Quoting Bloomberg, Thursday (5/1/2017), a Government-owned company Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabian Oil Co., or Saudi Aramco raised the official price of Arabian Light crude oil to Asia by 60 cents a barrel to 15 cents below the regional reference. Aramco is also raising the price of shipping diekspektasikan Arab oil Light 50 cents us dollars per barrel.

2016 ago, oil prices rose 52 percent. This was the first annual rise in four years in line with the agreement of the Organization of Petroleum countries (OPEC) Producers to lower their oil production for the first time in eight years.

At the end of the year 2016 and then OPEC and other oil producers of 11 countries including Russia any agreed decreases production amounted to 1.8 million barrels per day.

EQUITY WORLD : Saudi Arabia raised the price of oil for February 2017 sale to Asia


EQUITY WORLD : Price Gold Rose To The Highest 4 weeks After U.S. Dollar Goes Down

This agreement is effective as of 1 January 2016. Last month, Saudi Arabia's Energy Minister Khalid Al-Falih declared the world prices of crude oil are forecast to be recovered in line with OPEC'S commitment in the agreement that has been reached. This intervention aims to get back to balance the oil market, where prices have to go up to encourage new investment.

"Crude oil prices will be stable in the range back 50 and 100 u.s. dollars per barrel," explained Al-Falih. U.s. oil buyers will pay a premium of 20 cents u.s. dollar per barrel higher for either type of Extra Light crude oil and Light in February 2017.

Meanwhile, the prices for Medium and Heavy type oil do not change. Saudi Aramco will limit sales to some parts of Southeast Asia this month. This is part of OPEC'S Saudi Arabia over the obligation to trim oil production amounted to 480,000 barrels per day into under 10.1 million barrels per day.

Countries in the Middle East oil producers compete with oil products from Latin America, North Africa, and Russia for buyers in Asia, the largest market. Producers in the Persian Gulf region is usually sold in long-term contracts to the company's purification.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

This Explanation Sri Mulyani reserved Termination with JP Morgan

PT EQUITY WORLD-Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati open votes after deciding all the relations of partnership with JP Morgan Chase Bank. According to the woman who was often accosted Ani that, the termination of the relationship with JP Morgan conducted after the Government conducts the evaluation. As a result, the cooperation of JP Morgan rated unfavorable by the Government.

This Explanation Sri Mulyani reserved Termination with JP Morgan

"The Government of Indonesia do cooperation because it considered that it would be beneficial for us and our partners," said Ani in a press conference in Jakarta, Tuesday (3/1/2016).

As is known, in his November 2016, those financial institutions lowered Indonesia's investment recommendation from overweight into underweight.

PT EQUITYWORLD : Wall Street Stock Rose After The Release Of The Fed Meeting Treatise

The research was considered potentially Kemenkeu cause misunderstandings that can interfere with the Indonesia economy is struggling to grow amid a weakening global economy. According to Ani, the Government will respect all products carried out by the Research Institute provided must be accurate, credible, and certainly his research methodology.

Former Executive Director of the World Bank that also say, it should have all the partners the Government has the responsibility of creating a positive psychological for the economic development of Indonesia. "The bigger the name, the more he has greater responsibility in terms of quality and the ability to create confidence," she said of the birth of Lampung, 53 years ago that. No allergic reaction despite the break with JP Morgan, the Government asserts is not anti-critique of research results from international institutions

 It's just that, accuracy, credibility, and his research methodology should be clear. The Government, said Ani, need to hear what the view from outside the community or institution that has high credibility. It was judged essential to do a repair of internal government.

However, Ani warned that institutions that cooperate with the Government, let alone have the big names, have a great responsibility to create a positive psychology for the economy. "Not (thus) performs what is called miss leading.

Therefore, after we evaluate, we want the whole stakeholder gets the same message. Let us work positively, "said Ani. "The Government will make improvements in all of our economic fundamental policy and we hope that in policy-recognize and report. If it's less, we will fix it, "said the former Executive Director of the World Bank it.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

EQUITYWORLD FUTURES : The price of gold was Stable at Rp Antam 586 Thousand per Gram (04/01)

EQUITYWORLD FUTURES-The gold price is PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (Antam) or gold Antam remains in the range of Usd 586 thousand per gram on trading of Wednesday (3/1/2017).

This is the benchmark selling price in precious metals gold boutique Antam Pulogadung, Jakarta. While prices in other precious metals gold boutique can be different. However, the price of gold buyback Antam rose Rp 500 to Rp 4,000 thousand per gram.

EQUITYWORLD FUTURES  The price of gold was Stable at Rp Antam 586 Thousand per Gram

EQUITYWORLD FUTURES : Gold Is Up Crude Oil Slumped 2.6 Percent Impact Of The U.S. Dollar

Antam sell gold with a size of 1 gram up to 500 grams. Until 08.18 GMT, some the size of gold Antam are not available.

Gold size Antam not available among other gold size Antam 1 gram, 2 g, 3 g, 5 g, 100 g and 250 grams. Antam also sell gold painted batik. For the price of gold batik with a size of 10 grams, Antam sells it at Rp 5,970,000 or Rp number 597 thousand per gram. But the size of the gold batik Antam 10 grams is not available.

While the size of the 20 gram, Antam sell it at the price of Rp 11,545,000 or USD 600/250 per gram. For this size still available is good for complexion Sido Mukti, Mega Clouded, and Barong Machete. In addition to gold batik, Antam also issued gold bullion with thematic packaging.

At this time the Antam issued gold bullion packaging Eid al-Fitr. For the size of 1 g for sale at the price of Rp 661,000. Size 2 grams sold for Rp 1,207,000 and Rp 2,860,000 for sale 5 grams. However, the entire gold size Antam Eid Edition has sold out.

Here's the list price of gold sold Fractional Antam: * 586,000 * Rp 1 gram 5 grams Fractional Rp 2,785,000 Rp 10 grams Fractions * 5,520,000 * Rp 25 grams 13,725,000 Fractions * Fractional * 27,400,000 Rp 50 grams 100 grams of Fractional Rp 54,750,000 Rp 250 grams of Fractional * 136,750,000 * Fractional 500 grams of Rp 273,300,000. Gold Price Gold Antam

EQUITYWORLD FUTURES estimated the price of gold to trade will further observe the movement of the U.S. dollar.

The strengthening of exchanges of Wall Street and US interest rates hike hwakishnya can press the gold price. Gold prices are expected to move in the range of $1.158 Support-$ 1.156, but if the price rises will move in a range of $1.162 Resistance-$ 1.164.

The price of gold remove the previous decline and traded sharp rise in late trading Wednesday on Wednesday (04/01), ignoring the rising us dollar enters the new year.

Spot gold prices rose $7.89 LLG, or 0.7 percent. at $1, 160.10 an ounce. U.S. gold futures prices for March delivery ended at $1,162 per ounce. Precious metals coming from the biggest quarterly loss in more than three years.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

EQUITY WORLD January 3 The Hang Seng Index Mmoving Up Supported European stock exchange and Shanghai

EQUITY WORLD - In early trading the stock exchange of Hong Kong on Tuesday (03/01), the Hang Seng index opened flat, but currently observable rising 54.55 points or 0.25 per cent at 22055.11.

EQUITY WORLD January 3 The Hang Seng Index Mmoving Up Supported European stock exchange and Shanghai

Strengthening of the Hang Seng index following the rise of the European stock exchange and Shanghai. European Stock markets started the new year 2017 strengthened on Monday (02/01) supported the manufacturing growth performance of the mantapnya zone of Europe.

See: European Exchanges early in the latest Manufacturing Mantapnya Ride Ended the European zone Final Markit Manufacturing PMI Data zone Eopa 54.9 confirmed in December, unchanged from a preliminary reading of and is also in line with market expectations.

However an increase in the November reading of 53.7 and this was the strongest reading since April. The average reading of fourth quarter 54.0 from 52.1 from the third quarter is also the strongest level since the second quarter of 2011.

Initiate trade shares on exchanges of China Tuesday (03/01), the Shanghai Index opened positively, currently observable rising 5.94 0.19 points or percent at 3109.57.

The movement of the Shanghai exchange positive action supported bargain hunting after the index plummeted Shaghai for 2016.

See EQUITY WORLD : The first trading in 2017, the U.S. Dollar Index Closed Rose

Shanghai Index Opened January 3, Government Stimulus Beijing Expects Rise in early trading of stocks that rise is stock Wharf Holdings Ltd./The rose 3.49 percent, shares of Li Fung Ltd. rose & 2.35 percent, shares of Hang Lung Properties Ltd rose 2.31 percent, shares of Swire Pacific Ltd. rose 2.30 percent, shares of New World Development Co. Ltd. rose 1.83 percent.

Meanwhile, the movement of the Hang Seng futures index this morning tracked ride 113.00 0.51 points or percent at 22, 075.00, up from the previous closing trade at 21, 962.00.

EQUITY WORLD predicted that the Hang Seng Index next movement will move positively with an increase in European exchanges and Shanghai. In technical Index Hang Seng will move in a range of Support 21,599-21,091, and 23,025-22,563 Resistance range. EQUITY WORLD

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