Friday, November 11, 2016

Equityworld Futures : EXCHANGE RUPIAHS 11 NOVEMBER Wow, Spot Drops 416 points to 13 554

Equityworld Futures-The movement of the exchange rate opened plunged 1.95% or 256 points to 13 394 per US dollar in trading today, Friday (11/11/2016).

Yesterday, the rupiah closed lower on Thursday (10/11/2016).
Rupiah. - .Bisnis / Rachman

Rupiah depreciated closed 11 points or 0.08% to a level of Rp13.138 per US dollar, after trading in the range Rp13.098 - Rp13.153 per US dollar.

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Throughout yesterday's trading, the rupiah to move higher until the end of trading. But the rupiah 
under pressure until it closed in the red zone.

  "Most likely the rebalancing of the global market," said Fix Income Researcher PT Danareksa Amir A Dalimunthe.

He pointed out one feature of the middle market rebalancing, the volatile market movement.


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