Tuesday, December 20, 2016

EQUITY WORLD : U.S. Dollar Asian Session Did Not Pressure His Opponents To Face Strong

EQUITY WORLD - Enter the forex trading day Tuesday (8/12), the U.S. dollar opened slightly higher from the end of previous trading moves to consolidate with the strengthening exchange rate of pound against only the United Kingdom and Japan yen.

Observed this morning trading exchange rate weakened against the euro, swissfranc, aussie and Canadian dollar. Euro and swissfranc the safe haven as the exchange rate strengthened post incident alleged terrorist attacks in Germany is causing 50 people were injured and nine people were killed.

While the aussie strengthened by crude oil price jumps at the start of trading.


EQUITY WORLD : Gold Prices Ready To Shine With The Decline In The Strength Of USD

The weakening of the U.S. dollar against many of his rival also got a negative contribution from the decline in the yield on United States Treasury bonds trading session startup weekend America overnight.

But the strengthening of the dollar in late trading overnight triggered statements of Netanyahu's Janet Yellen about the labor market and rising wages growth. To trade next to the American session no data mover is a strong increase of power rate of the U.S. dollar.

The dollar index which measures the strength of the U.S. dollar against six major currencies on European trade sessions (16/12) being 103.13, once in position in early trading opened at 103.13 and end trade position closed position 103.12.



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