Friday, December 30, 2016

Stronger Yen Exchange Rate Against US Dollar

Ending the American session trading day before trading ended in 2016, the US dollar fell against all major rivals as well against the Japanese yen. The market prefers to buy yen and gold before the year ends to prepare workers to buy the dollar in early 2017.

Hence the USDJPY pair entering Asian session trading (30/12) before selling pressure continue to fall to its lowest in 12 trading days. But fundamentally strength USDJPY pair is still powered by the support of the US economic outlook is better in the hands of the newly elected US President Donald Trump. This sentiment also makes the pair is now slightly uphill.

For the next movement until the evening session, the USDJPY pair is estimated to be depressed again by poor sentiment for the shadows until the American session the night. The negative sentiment came from the release of the ISM Chicago PMI is expected to decline. However, if the business end of the Asian session the pair rises up to the European session later then expected USDJPY managed to rebound.

Yen exchange rate movements of the Asian session (02:30:35 GMT) strengthened against the US dollar, USDJPY opened lower at 116.54 in early trading (0000 GMT) moves lemahdan now rolling at 116.43 value pair.

For the movement of the pair until the end of the evening session trading has the potential to go down, so the analyst Vibiz Research Center estimates further USDJPY pair will drop to the range of 115.86 to 115.54. But if there is a correction to rise towards the range 116.80-117.32.

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