Wednesday, October 19, 2016

PT Equityworld : Overall The Market Has Not Changed Compared To The Previous Day

Global risk, yet we still see the same sellers over the short-term bonds. This is likely caused by concentrated liquidity. With a 7% yield, we saw strong support from a mixture of local and foreign at this level.

However, the horizontal curves that stay on the interest rate of the Rupiah. After a flow of funds out of bonds over the tenor of 5 years occurred, we also look at the flow of funds that are more lenient than long-term bonds, tenor, but still can be absorbed by the market.

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Overall the market has not changed compared to the previous day. After the market opens the gap increased, we saw some sellers, and interesting deals to price level the previous day.

Indicative yield today: the current bond Yield

NES (1 yr) 6.25% (+. 00)
FR53 (5th) 7.00% (+ 0.00)
FR56 (10th) 7.10% (+ 0.00)
FR73 (15th) 7.40% (+ 0.05)
FR72 (20th) 7.50% (+ 0.06)

ROI26 + 3.43%, spread T + 169
ROI46 4.43%, spread T + 197


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